Evolve with Genesis

Your pathway to healing and growth

Our Mission

We are here to co-create a world where we can heal and prevent lifestyle diseases and mental health conditions.

By integrating regenerative medical science, post-modern psychotherapy with ancient traditions of energy medicine, we offer an evolutionary pathway toward life-long health and wellbeing.

We help

Through guided 1:1 journeys and group programmes, we offer bespoke pathways you can take to:

Chronic health issues
Physical & mental fatigue
Degenerative disease recovery
Inflammation & stress
Trauma & emotional health
Personal development
Depression, anger & anxiety
Moving through life transitions
Finding purpose and meaning
Spiritual wisdom & initiations
Healing on an energetic level
Expand & discover awareness

How we're different

Healing can be difficult, but our community and facilitators are here to support you. Whether you are new to this path or have been on it for some time, we can help you achieve your goals.

We offer a conscious pathway combining modern and ancient healing methods to not merely treating symptoms, but identify and address the root cause of illness and suffering.
We have helped hundreds of people create a new baseline for their physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing. Just like them, you’ll be able to feel empowered in your own ability to learn, heal, and evolve.
Discover your Genesis
Connect, engage and be inspired
Realign the body, mind, and spirit
The foundation to grow and evolve

About Us

Our vision of a proactive healthcare system is to transform the traditional approach to healthcare and healing from a reactive system that mainly responds to health problems after they occur to a system that anticipates and prevents health problems before they arise.

A holistic approach to healing and self-care which empower individuals to take control of their own health and cultivate a supportive lifestyle.
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