A Shaman Called Don Andres

Now is the time to ask yourself:

Where do I need to grow in my life?
What is emerging for my awareness and action?
What am I avoiding?

We are living in distinct times. The world is changing, and we must catch up to the reality of it, and make a conscious effort to align with the highest good for ourselves, our fellow brothers and sisters, and most importantly, for nature and our planet. The stakes have never been higher, and it’s up to us to instigate change.

That’s what the full moon in Aries signifies. It’s about fiery energy, making powerful decisions based on our inner truth, and having the courage and trust to act upon them.

Last weekend during the autumn equinox, I sat with an elder medicine man from the Wixarika tribe in Mexico. Named Mara’akame (meaning “shaman” or “the one who knows”) Don Andres, is one of the most powerful healers I’ve had the privilege to interact with.

Over two beautiful ceremonies, this great master unconditionally shared his love, medicine, and prayers. The message was clear: We must awaken now and take full responsibility for our dormant state and the immense mess we’ve contributed to creating.

This involves you and me. It’s about the comforts and unnecessary lifestyle habits we’ve adopted, often to avoid confronting our deepest truths and acknowledging the fears and numbness that dominate our unconscious state.

We each have a unique purpose to fulfil in this life. That individual destiny holds the keys to resolving the crisis we observe on our beloved Earth.

It requires every one of us to address our problems—both individually and collectively—so we can truly rise as a united species and evolve.

But, most people struggle to see the importance of this kind of responsibility, unknowingly living in fear and resistance. 

Time is of the essence, and nature’s laws will inevitably compel us to act. The real question is whether you’ll make decisions by your own free will or be driven by the repercussions of inaction. Far too often, we delay and overlook the warning signsuntil a crisis pushes us into action. But there’s a better way. Instead of waiting for problems to escalate, we can be proactive and introspective.

Ask yourself: 

  • What do I genuinely need? 
  • Not what I want, but what would be best for me and those around me? 
  • How can I truly serve? 

These aren’t just questions; they’re calls to action. Our collective growth and evolution depend on our ability to recognise and act upon these insights, rather than waiting for situations to reach a boiling point.

Maybe this means you need to take better care of your health, or perhaps it’s time to finally take the chance to start a new career venture, or maybe it’s time for you to leave a situation that no longer serves you. The truth is within you; you intuitively know it, and now you must act on it.

We all have a unique purpose in life. I have personally experienced the mysterious wonders of how a seemingly difficult and meaningless past was exactly what needed to happen to prepare me for my true calling and destiny. You must trust in life, believing that there is a special force and higher consciousness with a divine plan for your existence. I know it might sound far-fetched, but it’s true. All you have to do is look up to the sky and infinite universe and realise that you’re part of something profoundly mysterious and magical.

There is a greater spirit that we are all a part of. 

It loves us more than you can fathom. It has placed you here on Earth to endure pain and suffering so that you can awaken to your true nature. This awakening is what’s happening to our planet right now.

We are awakening. To grasp this, you must consider it within the scope and relativity of time. What I mean is that a significant shift in human consciousness is underway, but due to our linear perception, it’s challenging to see changes that span over a century. Yet, it’s unfolding at this very moment.

Every single Native American tradition speaks of this great shift, as do many other mystic lineages and revered medicine men and women. However, this awakening of consciousness necessitates awareness and the courage to heed the call that constantly beckons. The initial steps are often the hardest because, to tap into this wisdom and intelligence, you must first heal your unconscious trauma, cleanse your energetic channels (belly, heart, and mind), and connect with the essential Self within.

By doing so, you’ll align with the grand scheme and true purpose of your existence, which will likely involve serving those around you. The signs are omnipresent. Can you discern them?

Are you prepared to trust them, relinquish your comforts and reservations, and embark on the most transformative journey of your life?

I sincerely hope so. And remember, you’re not alone. You will find support and ultimately live a life beyond your wildest dreams. I promise you this. Fulfilment, profound gratitude, and love for all await those brave enough to choose to awaken, akin to taking the “red pill.”Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I humbly invite you to carefully consider those words and ask yourself: If my thoughts, feelings, and actions reflect the fate of this world, what do I need to change to make it a better place?

If you have any questions, you know where to find me,

I send you light, deep gratitude and love,

Louie xx

Article by Louie Valotti – Co Founder of Genesis & Facilitator

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