Ayni; Be in Right Relations

Today, I am called to write about one of the teachings from the Qéro shamanic wisdom; Ayni.

Do you know that the Qéro shamanic lineage are the descendants of the Incan high priests? Their spiritual teachings from the “medicine wheel” is an oral tradition, which has been traced back as far as 30,000 years.

Ayni is the Quechua word for sacred reciprocity. 

It refers to the exchange of energy between humans, animals, nature, and the universe, where everything is mutually connected and interrelated. 

It´s about being in ‘the right relationship’ with creation (or Great Spirit, as the Qéro´s say), and it applies to yourself, friends, family, co-workers, and material things like money and the world around.

Is there anywhere in your life where you’re not living in the right relationship?

Come into Ayni with yourself

The Qéro say that the world around us is like a mirror that reflects our inner world back. When we are in conflict with something external, it is an opportunity to become aware of a projection from an unhealed space within us. This is the true nature of creation offering us a gift of spiritual growth.

For example, if you sense judgment towards another, it is likely to be a reflection of the self-judgment you have about yourself. With this awareness, you have the potential of discovering the initial trauma (or karma) and self-limiting beliefs that might be projecting outward.

Through the practice of non-judgement, acceptance and kindness, we can learn how to turn our wounds into sources of power and compassion and let go of our opinions about right and wrong.

Coming into ayni with yourself means coming into balance with Great Spirit and acting upon the spiritual signs (synchronicities) that we are offered on a daily basis, so we can grow, evolve and commune with creation.

It asks us to remember that everything is interconnected and that we must come back into the right relations with all of creation if we are to thrive as a species.

Like my shaman guide Alberto Villoldo says; 

“Swim in the sea of wisdom, not in the sea of suffering.”

Wishing you a lovely Sunday and a full moon today. Take good care of yourself and those around you, and know that we are all in this together.

With all my love,

Article by Louie Valotti – Co Founder of Genesis & Facilitator

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