Biohack Your Genes

In the past decade, modern medical science has made extraordinary leaps in better understanding the human genome (DNA) through the field of epigenetics, and we now know that our environment can trigger degenerative illness by mutation of our DNA. We will teach you how to switch off genes that cause disease, and activate those essential to clean, repair, and grow a new healthy body.

The Genesis Lifestyle

The principle focuses on natural remedies and methods to support optimum overall health. We teach a variety of simple and efficient protocols such as adopting an epigenetic plant-based diet with high performance supplements, intermittent fasting, breath-work, cold water therapy, and physical exercise.

The Issues are in Your Tissues

Learn about the elimination process: detoxification and purification of the physical body. We will guide you on implementing a state-of-the-art strategy that efficiently eliminates toxic contamination and rids your body and cells of degenerative debris, such as free radicals, stress hormones, toxins, and chemical exposure.

Befriend Your Microbiome

We will teach you how to clean out and replenish your gastro-intestinal tract, restore a healthy microbiome, strengthen immunity, improve mood, and optimise your overall digestion system. Learn how to improve your brain’s cognitive functions and mental clarity. We will guide you through the neuroscience of gut-brain health and how vital neurotransmitters in your brain are affected by your diet.

Unlock Your True Potential

Through implementing the Biocellular Upgrades, your body will become healthier and your brain will thrive. The activation of higher cortical networks in your brain will allow for new realisations, perceptions, and life experiences. Through neurogenesis and neuroplasticity, you will see positive changes in learning abilities, memory, concentration, imagination, creativity, and intuition.

7 weeks to transform your life

Learn more about the Thrive programme

You will experience:

The miraculous healing properties of ketones

The growth of new healthy cells and neurons

A defatted liver and burn excess fat

Restored mitochondrial function; increased levels of energy

Strengthened cardiovascular system and improved circulation

Enhanced auto-immune system function

Improved memory, learning ability and creativity

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