The Year of the Wood Dragon

Dear Community, I believe we have reached a pivotal moment in our spiritual evolution where the mighty presence of our

Jaguar Medicine In these challenging times of war, disease, and polarisation on the physical plane, I encourage you to set

Now is the time to ask yourself: Where do I need to grow in my life? What is emerging for

Today, I am called to write about one of the teachings from the Qéro shamanic wisdom; Ayni. Do you know

Do you believe humanity will ever be able to thrive? When people ask me about my thoughts on the current state

Fire is transformative In shamanism, we use fire to release old beliefs and patterns.  We also use fire in our

Optimum Healing Environment In the teachings of the Qéro lineage of Andean Shamanism, we learn how to work in a

Deep Mind Technology Series – The Becoming of Homo Luminous  “The new caretakers of the earth will come from the

The History of Ancient Shamanic Teachings Within our Deep Mind technology principle, we are supported by shamans from the Q’ero

Do you know about Shamanic Energy Medicine?  At Genesis Holistic Medicine, we are supported by shamans from the Q’ero lineage.

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