The Last Frontier

The universe exists both as particles and waves, with infinite potential and possibilities. Experience the art of energy medicine and alchemical science as we reveal the secrets of ancient traditions and teachings to support you in the invisible realms of life. Better understand the many facets of your spirit as we delve into ancient Shamanic, Yogic, and Taoist practices.
The Human Energy Field
Explore and develop an understanding of the energetic body known as the Human Energy Field, which encompasses all the subtle anatomies of the human body – the auric fields, chakras, nadis and meridian lines. These are the invisible realms of your existence.
The Path of the Luminous Warrior

Pachacuti’s great Inca prophecy imparts upon us an energy medicine system that can access and clear the human energy field of karmic imprints, intrusive energies, cords, and soul contracts that no longer serve your highest good and ultimate potential. This ancient wisdom comes from one of the oldest lineage-based shamanic traditions in the world; the Q’ero shamans from the Andean mountains of Peru.

Chinese Medicine & Taoism

Our teachings include philosophy and practices that assist with the flow of life-force to avoid disease, and increase health and spiritual vitality. The body is a microcosm of the universe. Learn about the rivers of light, the energy meridians that run throughout our body, connecting us as one whole energetic field to the universal energy of Qi.

Mastery of Time
By the art of shamanic journeying and time travel, we access and free the lost souls of the past. These studies include examining the ancient cosmology of the soul, karmic imprints and the journey of reincarnation. We teach the secrets on how to clear karmic debt and free yourself from the contracts that haunt your soul’s timelines.
Yoga & the Chakras

The various mental and physical Yogic principles are designed to expand states of consciousness towards self-realisation. The ancient philosophical and practical teachings of Yoga are the basis for pranayama (breath-work), asanas (physical postures), and meditation techniques that we use to guide you in your daily practice.

The Art of Alchemy, Rituals & Ceremony
Alchemy is an ancient metaphysical science focused on the transmutation of energies through a seemingly magical process. Learn how to commune with the forces of nature to invoke the transformational powers of the universe. We introduce various ancient alchemy rituals and ceremonies to empower the evolution of your soul’s journey.
Discover Energy Medicine

We share a general understanding of energetic tools and methodology, such as the intentional use of prayer, divination (Iching and Tarot), rattles, pendulums, feathers, spirit water, crystals, sacred herbal incense, and plant-based medicines. Learn how to use these ancient arts of energy medicine to clear the human energy field and navigate the multi-dimensions of consciousness.

7 weeks to transform your life

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You will experience:

Experience the art of energy medicine

Receive remote shamanic 1:1 healing

Clear energetic cords and intrusive energies

Rewrite soul contracts and karmic imprints

Reconnect to the universal life force and invisible world

Upgrade your energetic frequency and enhance your energy flow

Practice ancient rituals, sacred gatherings and ceremony

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