Karma vs Trauma

Do you believe humanity will ever be able to thrive?

When people ask me about my thoughts on the current state of humanity and the world, I respond, “I believe there is great potential within us, and we are exactly where we need to be.”

Through my journey of working with individuals facing struggles and life crises in all walks of life, I have learned that these very moments present the grandest opportunities for personal growth. While the symptoms may manifest in our work, relationships, or health, their root causes often stem from an imbalance—a disconnection from ourselves and our inner truths.

In our pursuit of truth

Most of us are too occupied to ponder the significant questions about what is happening and why. The lenses of our conditioning, shaped by upbringing, culture, religion, and societal norms, make it challenging to see beyond the veils and explore outside our comfort zones.

I firmly believe that one of the most demanding yet rewarding endeavours a person can undertake is to discover and acknowledge their deepest truth –  and courageously act upon it. When we apply this simple idea to any aspect of our lives, the result often encompasses a period of tests, trials, self-realisation, growth, personal evolution, and fulfilment.

This is essentially the hero’s (healing) journey, and it is where I believe we find ourselves right now, both individually and collectively as a species. Never before has humanity had a greater opportunity to thrive. But first, we must learn our lessons.

The law of karma

In many spiritual traditions, such as the lore of Q’ero shamans from the Andes in Peru and the Tibetan Buddhist monks residing near Mount Everest and the Himalayas, we encounter the concept of karma.

According to their cosmology, karma represents the unresolved life lessons we carry on a soul level, meant to be learned in each incarnation. If we fail to grasp these lessons, they persist as we reincarnate from one body to another until we finally comprehend them. The purpose of karma, and the suffering it entails, is to facilitate our evolution, liberation, and conscious living and dying.

These teachings also suggest that human trauma—the life experiences that disconnect us from our essence and hinder our development—is the physical manifestation of karma. I have come to understand that we all carry “t” trauma, and this disconnection from our authentic selves has become so ingrained in our society that we often fail to recognise it until confronted with a crisis. As Gabor Maté astutely observes, we now inhabit a trauma-informed society.

The prophecies are coming true

For millennia, ancient prophecies have foretold the times we find ourselves living in today. Nearly every Native American cosmology and spiritual tradition provide well-documented prophecies about this present era.

The Q’ero people refer to it as the “Pachacuti” or “the times to come.” The message of these prophecies is resoundingly clear: humanity possesses the potential to undergo a quantum evolutionary leap, transforming into a new kind of human—an enlightened, aware, and conscious being. I now perceive that the crisis enveloping us is, in fact, the vehicle that can awaken and propel us towards this evolution.

It is our collective and individual karma that necessitates resolution, and it is through the depths of our struggles that the most profound change humanity has ever witnessed will be ignited.

Now, why is this relevant to you?

I believe we are currently confronting our individual and collective traumas (karma), and on both levels, we are being called upon to acknowledge past mistakes and assimilate the valuable lessons they offer. Only by doing so can we grow and evolve into the thriving humanity we have the potential to become. The path of evolution necessitates the coexistence of these challenges, for it is precisely these seemingly insurmountable problems that serve as the catalysts for learning, healing, and transformation.

When we begin to perceive our trauma as not something that happened to us but rather something that happened for us, we have the potential to empower ourselves and turn the most difficult life experiences to our advantage. This requires great courage and the ability to take full responsibility for the consequences of our actions. Through the consistent practice of this journey, we grow and transform. It is the process of turning our curses into gifts.

Through my own healing journey and my work as a shaman and somatic psychotherapist, I have come to see that our trauma and suffering become the greatest teachers from which we can grow and transform our lives. The truth can be painful at times, but it is precisely in these honest, pure moments that our spirit has the opportunity to spark and ignite a new path in our lives. The truth will set us free.

In the words of the beloved Albert Einstein,
We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.”

I hope this sharing inspires a sense of faith and optimism in you and I am curious to hear what you think about this topic… I would very much appreciate you insights 🙂

With absolute best wishes,


Article by Louie Valotti – Co Founder of Genesis & Facilitator

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