Louie Valotti on self-inquiry, trauma, and the authentic self

Mangutv just released their next podcast episode. I was honoured to be invited back to the show. This time we went deeper into the inner journey of Self-Enquiry.

This was such a personal and touching session. I want to share it with our community to help shed more light on some of the ego constructs of consciousness, and how these are formed by the deeper pain which the ego is trying to protect us from.

Hope you enjoy and please do share your thoughts and any experiences that occurred from this beautiful transmission.

🔗 Click to listen to episode here

We are thrilled to welcome Louie Valotti back to the Mangu.tv podcast. Louie is a shaman, a spiritual guide and visionary. He co-created Genesis Holistic Medicine. He is a student of Dr Gabor Mate and Alberto Villoldo. He has been initiated into Q’ero lineage of Andean shamanism. He offers a sacred space in which you can explore the multidimensional layers of the evolution of your being. 

In this episode, Louis talks about the second principle of Genesis, a core principle called self-inquiry. This process of self-inquiry is building a bridge between modern psychotherapy and spiritual existential teachings that come from cosmology from Tibetan Buddhism and Q’ero shamanism.The intention behind this principle is to create a formula for connecting to our true selves, in all our forms – individual, transgenerational and existential.

We suffer because we are separated from our truth. Engaging in self-inquiry is about challenging our unconscious identifications, this is how we get to the core of what’s true for us. We are in a time when all of humanity is facing our own individual and collective unconscious identifications, our own unconscious baggage that we have been carrying from lifetimes of trauma and suppression.

Louie guides Giancarlo through the process of self-inquiry through a deeply personal story. They discuss his adolescence, his relationship with his father, his shadow work and quest for authenticity and truth.


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