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Jaguar Medicine

In these challenging times of war, disease, and polarisation on the physical plane, I encourage you to set aside some time for inner contemplation and spiritual work. As I have been writing, we are amidst immense and lasting changes on all levels of humanity. The foretold Native American prophecies speak of this time and suggest that we all have individual choices to make if we are to evolve and thrive.

Right now it is essential that you are authentic and in alignment with your values, and what you believe to be true for yourself. Remember, the truth, no matter how difficult, shall set you free. These are the powerful moments and choices that have the potential to bring about immense change and realignment in our lives.

Tomorrow marks a full moon and a partial lunar eclipse—a special moment when the veils between the spiritual and physical realms are thinner, opening the potential for profound inner transformation. It’s a powerful day to intentionally conclude a chapter in your life, whether it’s a habit or a relational circumstance. The celestial energies of the full moon support the shedding of any old skin that no longer serves us.

To the winds of the west, calling in the black jaguar

I feel compelled to share Jaguar Medicine, a part of the Qero shamanic tradition from the western direction of the medicine wheel. These teachings are integral to the initiations and training we undergo as lineage carriers of this remarkable spiritual tradition. The journey toward awakening your true self involves dissolving many of your beliefs, perceptions, habits, and identities—sub-personalities we unconsciously create and wear as masks to conceal, protect, or even deny our authentic selves from the world.

When introspecting, it’s important to identify recurring thought patterns (beliefs) that may not be beneficial or accurate for you and those around you. Certain situations can trigger these thoughts. These are often termed ‘projections’ because they frequently mirror our subconscious beliefs about ourselves and our environment. Such projections originate from the unconscious mind.

A vital question to pose when examining your beliefs is: “Is this thought genuinely true?” Spend a moment reflecting on it, and ask yourself, “Is this absolutely true?”

If the answer is no, think about delving deeper into that belief system. At this juncture, you might invoke the spirit of the black jaguar to aid you in navigating your unconscious mind to discover its origins.

Explore its origins:

  • Did you inherit it from your family, tribe, religion or society? 
  • What events shaped this belief, and could there be underlying emotions tied to those experiences? 
  • Why do you hold onto this belief? 
  • Would you become a freer, happier person without it? 

This enquiry brings the unconscious mind to consciousness, enabling greater awareness and personal choice in moving forward.

Shedding our beliefs is a crucial aspect of the evolutionary journey. As long as we view the world through the lens of our unconscious beliefs, we hinder our ability to experience our true nature and spiritual reality. To achieve such enlightenment, we must experience life without filters, fully present and connected to the source of our bliss, which always exists in the present moment. Most beliefs are rooted in fear, judgment, or prejudice and remain unconscious.

The black jaguar teaches us to distinguish our fears from our beliefs.
This means that when you identify a belief that is untrue, you should tune into your body to determine if there is any fear associated with it. If fear is present, acknowledge and face it.

The Inner Path of the Black Jaguar

This underscores the importance of a meditation practice—a singular practice where we concentrate our attention on a single point. Have you ever noticed what happens when you focus your senses, such as by following your breath? Your mind goes silent because it can’t think and be fully present simultaneously.

Try it: close your eyes and focus solely on your inhales and exhales. As soon as you observe your inhale, your mind enters the present moment and becomes still. However, when you lose focus, your thoughts wander, diverting you from the present experience. This is why consistent practice is vital for expanding your awareness and becoming real!

Who are we without thought?

This is where the magic of not knowing unfolds. Our beliefs serve as constructs to shield us from the fear of not knowing. The egoic mind and subpersonalities are essentially built to protect us from the fear of knowing our true being, which can only be realised in the emptiness of an empty mind.

What lies hidden within the empty space of not knowing? 

Nothing. And this is precisely where the most profound self-realisation emerges—the Buddha-nature, becoming one with the infinite being that is simultaneously nothing and everything. Are you still with me? This is the extent of the journey, your birthright, and ultimately the primary purpose of your existence as a human being—to attain realisation and unity with the greater self, what some traditions call God or the Great Spirit.

But, the journey does not end with this enlightenment, it truly begins, this is where you begin to dream the world into being and begin to live the dream…

While many of us may not be ready to dissolve our egos completely, I believe we are all ready to take a step in that direction, and that journey begins by examining our beliefs and discarding those that no longer serve us.

Yes, you can make a huge difference!

Here is a suggested first step in that direction…

For a Full Moon – Lunar eclipse – Black Jaguar ritual, here is a link to a previous article on how to conduct a sacred fire ceremony. I highly recommend doing this on the full moon and begin shedding some of the aspects of your beliefs that aren’t absolutely true.

In addition, I also suggest that you take time every day to train your concentration and ability to stay fully present in the moment. It requires practice every day and is the quickest route to having profound spiritual experiences and facilitating awakening.

Here is an easy introduction to meditation to get you started…

Please be mindful that the transformative celestial energies are currently in the epicentre, meaning we have access to quantum leap forces now. These evolutionary powers have the potential to transcend our collective into a new age of awareness, but it requires that you intentionally choose to step into it. Your personal practice matters; your own awakening is all that matters because it will reflect the change in the collective consciousness of humanity.

May the medicine of the jaguar bless you with fearlessness and impeccability, just like the luminous warriors of the West.

As always, I wish you truth, pure consciousness, and bliss…

Yours truly,

Louie x

Article by Louie Valotti – Co Founder of Genesis & Facilitator

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