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In the teachings of the Qéro lineage of Andean Shamanism, we learn how to work in a sacred space and how to commune with the benevolent archetypes and forces of nature, to facilitate healing and transformation in one’s life. Opening sacred space thins the veil between worlds and allows us to draw closer to Spirit.

We open sacred space in order to create an energetic space where healing can happen. We also invoke sacred space to provide another layer of energetic protection in which we can work. The vibration within sacred space is very high and connects us through time and space and across dimensions. 

We open sacred space with an invocation, using a sacred prayer (see below) and calling the spirits of the four cardinal directions—South, West, North, and East—and Mother Earth and Father Sky. Sacred space is a healing sphere that is pure, holy, and safe. We can create sacred space and summon the healing power of nature anywhere on Earth. 

When opening sacred space, the intention is of utmost importance and the intention must come from the heart. Sacred space allows us to enter our quiet inner world where the mundane cannot distract us, and every act is hallowed and deliberate, although not necessarily serious or ponderous. Within sacred space, we experience the lightness of our being. Sacred space gives us access to the luminous healers―the medicine men and women who assist us from the Spirit world.

How To Open Sacred Space

Begin by facing the South direction and then each direction, in turn, repeating the following procedure:

  • Smudge―fan smouldering sage or incense—or blow scented water.
  • Hold your arm up, with the palm facing outward, and recite the appropriate verse of the invocation (see below) calling upon the archetype representative of that direction. The archetypes are more than symbols; they are primordial energies or spirits, having qualities and powers of their own.
  • Summon the Serpent in the South, Jaguar in the West, Hummingbird in the North, and Eagle in the East. When summoning Mother Earth, actually touch the ground where you stand; when summoning Father Sky, reach to the heavens. Although there are certain components necessary to create sacred space, you can in time bring in your own personal expression.

Energetic Connections

The shaman’s covenant with Spirit is that when they call, Spirit answers. Powerful medicine people from the Spirit world appear in the form of luminous beings who assist us in our work. 

Literally, we use the four cardinal directions to get our bearings in the material world. For the shaman, these directions also personalize qualities and energies. Each archetype has a life and powers of its own. While the representations vary from culture to culture, the properties of these energies remain the same because they stand for the same organizing principles of nature. The important thing is not what we call these energies or even which archetype we use, but that we get to know them well enough so that when we call, they respond. Within sacred space, we have extraordinary spiritual assistance available to us. When we call in sacred space, the Universe conspires on our behalf.

Prayer for opening sacred space

Credit to our great teacher Alberto Villoldo and the Four Winds Society for bringing this wisdom into the Western world.



To the winds of the South
Great Serpent
Wrap your coils of light around us
Teach us to shed the past the way you shed your skin
To walk softly on the Earth
Teach us the Beauty Way



To the winds of the West
Mother Jaguar
Protect our medicine space
Teach us the way of peace, to live impeccably
Show us the way beyond death



To the winds of the North
Hummingbird, Grandmothers and Grandfathers
Ancient Ones
Come and warm your hands by our fires
Whisper to us in the wind
We honor you who have come before us
And you who will come after us, our children’s children



To the winds of the East
Great Eagle, Condor
Come to us from the place of the rising Sun
Keep us under your wing
Show us the mountains we only dare to dream of
Teach us to fly wing to wing with the Great Spirit

Mother Earth

Mother earth, Pachamama
We’ve gathered for the honoring of all of your children
The Stone People, the Plant People
The four-legged, the two-legged, the creepy crawlers
The finned, the furred, and the winged ones
All our relations


To The Star Nations

Father Sun, Grandmother Moon, to the Star Nations
Great Spirit, you who are known by a thousand names
And you who are the unnamable One
Thank you for bringing us together
And allowing us to sing the Song of Life for one more day


Closing Space: Love and Gratitude

When we are finished with our ritual, we always close sacred space by expressing love and gratitude and thanking each of the archetypes, Mother Earth and Father Sky for being present.

Article by Louie Valotti – Co Founder of Genesis & Facilitator

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