Journey Within

The second principle focuses on the realms of the mind and human psyche. In this process of self-examination, we will guide you as you uncover your shadows and reconnect with the disowned parts of your inner being that are calling for your awareness and realisation. The objective is to find balance by unifying your inner and outer world of awareness into a harmonious expression of your true authentic Self.

Who am I?

Self-enquiry is a practice of deep self-contemplation and mindfulness that helps you develop an inner awareness about who you are. Our approach integrates a variety of existential teachings combined with years of our own experience and practice. This is inner-work through meditation and realisation.

Know Thyself

Using contemporary and ancient systems of psychology and eastern philosophy, we explore the human psyche, and help you discover your inner psychic map. If acceptance is the door, then understanding is the key. Transform your consciousness with knowledge, reflection, and realisation.

Heal Your Inner Child

Learn about the early developmental stages of human consciousness and the foundation for wholeness. Discover how difficult life experiences can shape your beliefs and perceptions of reality, as we guide you to unveil and release deeply embedded emotions and reconnect with your inner child.

Empower Yourself to Heal
Empower Yourself

We facilitate a caring and empathetic one-on-one and group environment where we explore behavioural patterns, parental relationships, childhood memories, traumatic experiences, negative beliefs, unmet needs, core wounds, and the generational heritage of psychological imprints.

7 weeks to transform your life

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You will experience:

Heal past traumas and release deeply embedded emotions

Transform old paradigm beliefs and perceptions

Improve your relationships with yourself and others

Expand your consciousness, self-awareness, and sensitivity

Improve mood, emotional intelligence, and mental clarity

Integrate a safe, centred, and loving sense of Self

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