12-week programme to transform your life

Do you...

To find answers you must step out of your comfort zone, surrender to the unknown, and face your fears.

In this first Rite of Initiation, we help you create a new baseline for your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being through a process of ‘shadow work’.

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“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate.”  Carl Jung

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The Three Core Principles are the cornerstones upon which you can build a comprehensive foundation for human health and transform your life. They combine modern medical science and self-enquiry with ancient wisdom and energy medicine to support you through a revolutionary process of personal evolution.

Integrate a regenerative lifestyle through an epigenetic plant-based diet, intermittent fasting, breathwork, and cold-water therapy.

Know thyself, uncover your shadows, and reconnect with disowned parts of yourself through self-exploration, vulnerability, and truth.

Experience the art of energy medicine through the Qéro tradition of Andean shamanism and other lineage-based spiritual teachings.

Online Programme

A comprehensive 12-week programme:

Modern science-based teachings on biohacking, looking at the mutation of the human genome, epigenetics, and the innate healing capacities of human biology.

Topics covered include:

A combination of psychotherapeutic and spiritual teachings covering the human psyche, unconscious mind, sub-personalities, beliefs and core-woundings.

Together we will explore:

The Science of energy medicine and ancient cosmology based on Qero Shamanism, Chinese Medicine, and Tibetan Buddhist lore. 

You will learn about:

Genesis Life

Become part of our online community, and get support throughout the programme from your faculty and fellow initiates, as well as:

Residential Retreat

This is the main event of the programme, your spiritual inauguration, four days when we come together to practice and experience the Three Core Principles, with yoga, breathwork, cold-water therapy, meditation and Shadow Illumination ceremonies.

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“Turn your wounds into wisdom.”  Oprah Winfrey

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Live Your Full Potential

The Shadow Illumination programme is built on connection, safety and trust, helping you to embrace vulnerability and discover your true Self. Let us walk with you.

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“Whatever you do, don’t shut off your pain. Accept your pain and remain vulnerable.”  Sogyal Rinpoche

“Whatever you do, don’t shut off your pain. Accept your pain and remain vulnerable.” 
Sogyal Rinpoche
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