Spring Equinox & Lunar Eclipse

Evolutionary Times

I am writing to share some insights into our current experiences as both a human collective and as individuals. I hope this message finds you well and encouraged!

On one hand, we are birthing a new world built on ethical values, innovation, and vision. More and more men and women awaken daily, going deeper into their healing journeys.
As people of this new world rise, I see beauty and immense potential being ignited.

On the other hand, we witness the decay of the old world as the patriarchal order’s expired systems tumble into chaos. We see war, illness, great upheaval, and disasters unfold. Although the confusion and hopelessness can seem overwhelming, the deeper truth reveals our profound spiritual evolution.

Healing Trauma: Individual, Collective and Ancestral

The suffering we observe worldwide—racial, religious, financial, healthcare, and more—represents a much older, unresolved karma-seeking resolution. Consider the war and suppression in the Middle East as the projection of ancient pains now being relieved.

Humanity’s immense suffering over centuries due to the Inquisition and colonisation was never healed. Instead, it was repressed into our collective consciousness and the DNA of our ancestors. Now, it emerges to be made conscious, acknowledged, and healed!

This collective healing journey necessitates individual groups—irrespective of race, religion, or other divisions—to become conscious and assume responsibility for their pain and the projections that stem from it. Those who have advanced on their path and deepened their healing must step forward, ready to bear the collective weight of repressed trauma and navigate through it. This undertaking is truly a hero’s journey, and while we are all accountable, not all are yet equipped to undertake it.

Spring Equinox, Full Moon Lunar Ecplise and Mercury Retrograde

We are entering a potent, energetic period full of movement and potential to support these intertwined processes. These include the Spring Equinox on the 21st of March, which brings a surge of sunlight and spring energy to the northern hemisphere, and the full moon and lunar eclipse on the 25th of March, highlighting our shadows and connection to the spiritual world. Mercury’s retrograde at the beginning of April might challenge communication (the early effects are already noticeable). How these monumental energies affect you depends entirely on where you find yourself in your evolutionary journey.

The first questions might be:
  • Are you aware that you are on a spiritual journey?
  • Are you conscious of the repressed parts of your soul emerging?

Astrological events aim to wake us by highlighting unhealthy and unsustainable life patterns. These forces of nature support us, illuminating our ongoing evolutionary processes. If you consciously walk your path and engage in the necessary work, this can be a time of great flourishing.

Depending on where you are on the evolutionary path, you will either feel heavily challenged to catch up or acknowledged for the work you have done (and everything in between). Our goal is to find balance within ourselves and in our surroundings. By consciously aligning our inner hopes, dreams, and fears, we can see the world reflect this alignment and clarify our soul’s destiny timeline.

Yes, I know, big words, but you must consider that your life and reality are already perfect and aligned. The only thing needed may be clarity of your perception. The layers of repressed emotions and beliefs, root-caused by trauma, are what’s cluttering your view of the world and your direction in it. Shadow work is essential at this time should you find yourself lost.

Shadow Work

Healing your core wounds alone isn’t feasible; seek qualified counsel for guided inner work before you can navigate deeper. Genesis Health is here to offer the support you need.

Engage with groups or communities that are aware of this journey. Community involvement provides support and guidance as you navigate your shadow work.

Establish a morning practice of intermittent fasting, breathwork, and cold water therapy. These practices can help clear the mind, strengthen the body, and support emotional release and balance.

For those aligned with their path, consider:
  • What remains within you to liberate and make conscious?
  • Where are you still in unhealthy patterns, and why?

I extend a personal invitation to contact me, regardless of where you find yourself. I am honoured to support you on your journey ahead. Additionally, I invite you to explore Genesis Life, our online community. Over the past three years, we’ve built a space filled with valuable content to aid your healing journey, offering articles, videos, and events—all for free.

I look forward to hearing from you.

In the brilliant words of our beloved Albert Einstein:

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

Stay safe, resilient and dedicated,

Louie 💚

Article by Louie Valotti – Co Founder of Genesis & Facilitator

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