The Q’ERO Lineage

The History of Ancient Shamanic Teachings

Within our Deep Mind technology principle, we are supported by shamans from the Q’ero lineage. These direct descendants of the Inca people practice age-old medicine from the high Andes of Peru. The Q’ero have much to teach us about life, death, infinity, and how to heal using the Human energy field. 

Inca History

The Inca people began settling in Peru in 1250 BC. The community soon grew into a mighty empire, expanding and thriving for many years until the arrival of Spanish conquistadors in 1526. The Spanish brought upheaval and destruction through war, disease, and the murder of many indigenous people. 

The conquerors and their missionaries destroyed many healing schools and teaching centres in the Incan capital of Cusco. Indigenous rites and ceremonies were outlawed by the catholic church, driving these practices further underground. The surviving Inca shamans and healers took refuge in the high mountains of the Andes, where their wisdom and secrets could be carefully guarded and kept hidden from the Spanish Inquisition.

Did you know?

Peru is the only place in the world where the offices of the inquisition were never shut down. To this day, they still exist under the direction of the Dominican order and are known as the “The Office for the Extirpation of Idolatries.”

The Discovery of the Laika 

The tribe of around 600 people who fled to the mountains became known as the Laika, and nothing was seen or heard of them for about 500 years. During this time, the elders preserved a sacred prophecy of a great change, or “Pachacuti.” The prophecy foretold of an era where the wheels of time would be turned, causing a shift on our planet where harmony and order would be restored, and chaos and disorder would come to an end.

At 14,000 feet of elevation, the Laika lived in virtual solitude until their ‘discovery’ in 1950, when a group of colourfully dressed outsiders approached the annual gathering of shamans at the foot of a holy mountain high in the Andes of Peru. 

The visitors observed the Incan emblem of the sun on the shamans’ ponchos and recognised the markings of an ancient lineage of high priests. Making their way to the mountain top, they announced that the time of the prophecies was at hand. When the assembly welcomed them, the shamans were told by their visitors, “we’ve been waiting for you for 500 years”. And so, these Laika medicine men and women, also known as the ‘earth keepers, were rediscovered. 

History of the Laika

The Laika were descendants of the first settlers in America. They began their journey 30,000 years ago, travelling from the Himalayas through Siberia, across the Bering Strait, down through modern-day Alaska and North America, finally reaching South America. 

The Laika have always been ordinary men and women living extraordinary lives. Some grew to be renowned leaders and healers, while others lived quietly, raising their children and growing corn. They weren’t born with special gifts from the spirits. Instead, they acquired uncommon grace and power through the practice of the four insights. 

These insights were never forced upon the next generation. The Laika felt that people would come to them when they were ready and felt a calling to do so. Realising their knowledge was tremendously powerful and could easily be abused by those lacking ethics, they concealed that knowledge from outsiders and even most of their fellow indigenous peoples.

A Time of Change

According to the ancient prophecy of Pachacuti, we are now living in the time of the great gathering, a time of reintegration of the peoples of the four directions. In other words, we have reached our ‘time to come’. 

Some believe the prophecies refer to the return of the leader, Pachacuti, to defeat those who took the Incas land. But for many spiritual seekers, the return of Pachacuti is taking place on the collective level. It’s not the return of a single individual who embodies what we’re becoming, but a process of emergence available to us all. This great prophecy tells a story of quantum evolution happening on our planet today and within humanity. The ‘time to come’ speaks of a period of spiritual awakening, a time where we become aware of our true selves and relationship to nature, the universe and the multidimensional existence of the spirit worlds.

Your Journey

Pachacuti’s great Inca prophecy imparts upon us a medicine system that can access and clear the human energy field of karmic imprints, intrusive energies, cords, and soul contracts that no longer serve your highest good and ultimate potential. This ancient tradition of self-realisation and enlightenment gives us access to the spirit realms where we can find our destiny timelines and sacred maps to access the higher self-consciousness. This is an ancient system of energy medicine known as the “medicine wheel”.

Through our programmes, we invite you to gain direct experience of this ancient wisdom and sacred teachings via our team of initiated and experienced shamanic facilitators. You will be working with initiated shamans from the renowned Q´ero-lineage and will receive healing and direct experience from some of the oldest shamanic medicine rituals on our planet.

On your journey to realisation and transformation, you will: 

  • Uncover karmic contracts and learn the lessons of your soul’s journey
  • Clear energetic blockages, imprints, cords, and intrusive elements
  • Recieve soul retrievals and learn how to integrate lost soul parts
  • Become more aware, sensitive, alert, and intuitive
  • Raise your vibration and enhance your energy flow  
  • Learn about ancient systems of energy medicine and the spirit world

Please contact our community hosts to learn more about these wisdom teachings and how to start the journey. 

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