The Year of the Wood Dragon

Dear Community,

I believe we have reached a pivotal moment in our spiritual evolution where the mighty presence of our greater self is emerging within us, profoundly touching many with their deepest truth and essence. Indeed, we have endured significant pain and suffering to arrive at this point, yet it has all been part of a divinely orchestrated voyage for our highest good.

Be aware that extraordinary times lie ahead. On Friday, the 9th of February, the new moon serves as a major catalyst, ushering in an unprecedented year in human history. This new moon marks the beginning of the Lunar calendar year and also the Chinese New Year. Prepare yourself for the immense opportunities that this brings. It’s a time to recover your dreams and step fully into alignment with your vision and higher purpose

Happy new moon and lunar new year

This lunar year, associated with the Wood Dragon, is expected to be a time for visionary leaders, innovators, and problem solvers. Predicted to be an excellent year for initiating new projects, exploring fresh opportunities, and creating value for both yourself and others, 2024 holds immense potential for personal growth, professional success, and social impact according to Chinese astrology.

The Dragon, revered as the most powerful and auspicious animal, symbolises strength, wisdom, luck, and prosperity. Moreover, it is linked with one of the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, or water, each bestowing the dragon with a unique personality and destiny.

The Wood Dragon, in particular, is renowned for its creativity and vision, characterised by optimism, ambition, and an adventurous spirit. This unique energy of the Wood Dragon calls me to introduce some shamanic wisdom that may resonate with how to move forward with the new moon and the opening portal of the lunar year

The Destiny Timeline

The Q’ero shamanic lineage of the Andes in Peru holds one of the most ancient systems of energy medicine in the world. Their teachings on the “Medicine Wheel” set forth an evolutionary pathway towards healing and spiritual transformation within this lifetime.

Their prophecies speak of the particular time we are living in, offering direct guidance on how to evolve into our highest expression of self. This wisdom is multidimensional, governing the realms of the body, mind, soul, and greater spirit.

I feel called to share some of the Q’ero shamanic wisdom rooted in the direction of the East of the “Medicine Wheel”. This path, that of the Eagle, focuses on the teachings of vision and destiny. We all have a purpose in this life. From the soul’s perspective, we have specific tasks to fulfil, and working towards this quest is also part of our soul’s growth and evolution in this life.

A Glimpse into the Future

A vision, in this context, can be a dream, an image, or a clear knowing of what you are here to achieve. It does not matter whether you believe this is unattainable or if your current life circumstances do not reflect the potential to achieve your vision. What matters is having a vision and being willing to pursue it, regardless of whether you feel equipped for the journey. A vision concerns both the destination and the journey there—ultimately, it is this passage that presents tests and trials to support your soul’s growth and true becoming.

At the beginning of the healing journey, we start with the past, healing our wounds and lightening the burdens of our trauma. This purification of our perception allows us to integrate the valuable gifts of our shadows which we need to reconnect with ourselves.
Similarly, at some point on your journey, it will become necessary to look into the unmanifest future to find your destiny timeline and allow this north star to guide you further on your soul’s journey. 

Once you find it and become clear on your purpose, all you need to do is set your intentions towards the vision, shed everything that is not in resonance with it, and trust your process each step of the way. Remember, you do not need to know all the steps; they will reveal themselves organically as you advance towards your destiny. This journey will also require you to continue healing and integrating your repressed parts, as they hold the keys to empowering you along the way.

Shamanic Tools to Harness New Moon Energy

Here are some ways to accelerate and support your journey as you align with your vision. Working with the sacred is a timeless approach to manifesting our dreams. This means that by using the energetics of our intentions, prayers, and offerings, we can nudge the fabric of physical reality to access the synchronicities aligned with our destiny timeline.

Create a vision altar:
  • Build a small altar by decorating a shelf, or bedside table with artefacts symbolising your vision and dreams. Blow your dreams into the artefacts and use your imagination to empower them with your vision. When setting up, open sacred space around your altar by using this Qéro prayer (see this article on sacred space prayer
  • Bless the altar with crystals, rings, necklaces, stones, flowers and candles 
  • Visit it daily and make extra offerings such as burning incense, lighting a candle, and sitting with your vision meditation. Allow the energy of your vision to be embraced by you at the altar.

If you are uncertain about your vision and life purpose, start by seeking it through prayer. You are asking your highest self, the Great Spirit, to show you the signs of your destiny and bring that intention to the altar.

Keeping a vision journal:
  • Write down your thoughts, reflections, or experiences following the new moon
  • Write down your vision as clearly as possible. Remember, your written words hold great powers of manifestation
  • Revisit your journal along the way to see how you’ve grown and evolved
Full moon fire ceremony:

If you want to speed things up a bit, you can also create a full moon fire ceremony to help shed what is no longer in resonance (see link on how to create a fire ceremony here): 

During the ceremony, use death arrows to let go of all the reasons in your life (health, work, relationships) that prevent you from reaching your vision and destiny. The fire ceremonies are an essential tool to help transmute and move the energies that are no longer serving your highest good and evolution. Treat the fire as a living being with the utmost sincerity, and it will grant your wishes and support your metamorphosis.

I hope this brings some inspiration towards this coming lunar year and how important your dreams and aspirations are to co-create this new world which is coming online. Know that you are being guided by your higher self and never doubt your uniqueness and mighty potential to make a change.

Like our beloved Albert Einstein once said:

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”Absolute best wishes,

Louie 💚💚💚

Article by Louie Valotti – Co Founder of Genesis & Facilitator

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